Addiction on the Big Screen: How Movies Portray Substance Abuse

Movies have the ability to make a profound impact on society. Check out how these films did their part by shining a spotlight on substance abuse.
Sober Living

Interview with Dave from Dopey Podcast

We turn the tables on Dave from Dopey Podcast! He talks about the start of Dopey, his upcoming secret projects, and how his life has changed since getting sober.

5 Celebrities on Addiction, Recovery, and Sobriety

Bradley Cooper, Demi Lovato, Steven Tyler, Vince Staples, and Danny Trejo talks about their relationship with drugs and alcohol.

WNWY: Dr. Mark Green on Medication-Assisted Treatment

In this video, Dr. Mark Green, Addiction Psychiatrist at Psych Garden, discusses buprenorphine and the need for Medication-Assisted Treatment.

Macklemore Helps Obama Tackle Opioid Epidemic Awareness

Grammy award-winning rapper Macklemore and President Barack Obama teamed up last weekend to talk about the national opioid addiction crisis by calling for Congress to increase funding for addiction treatment.

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