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An addiction recovery hub in the beautiful Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan

Designed as a hub for recovery, Mountainside NYC offers a welcoming space, a tight-knit sober community, and a wealth of addiction treatment resources in New York City.  Mountainside NYC is where the community can gain access to top-rated holistic outpatient addiction treatment, engage in personalized, best-in-class recovery coaching, enjoy a variety of wellness activities and events, and attend free support groups to deepen one’s understanding of addiction and recovery while building a strong sober network.

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A Hub for Recovery in the Heart of NYC

Exclusive Addiction Resources, Events, and Treatment Programs

At Mountainside NYC in Chelsea, we offer numerous recovery support programs as well as a range of activities to connect the sober community, their loved ones and treatment professionals. More than just a treatment center, our recovery hub serves as a space for learning, collaboration, and connection.


Best-in-Class Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Services

Mountainside’s New York City Recovery Hub offers you access to a range of best-in-class addiction treatment programs.

Outpatient Services offer an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and an Outpatient Program (OP) which combine group therapy and individual counseling sessions to help you understand the root of your addiction and develop relapse prevention skills. Individual Therapy (IT) is also available for those who want one-on-one sessions exclusively.

– Specialized Programming

  • Young in Recovery explores the intricacies of young adult and college-aged societal pressures, with a specialized focus on establishing and maintaining recovery in substance-saturated social and academic environments.
  • Professionals in Recovery focuses on the development and maintenance of work-family-recovery balance, with an emphasis on topics surrounding career and financial-related stress and pressure, trust, and process addictions.
  • LGBTQ+ Resilience in Recovery provides an inclusive space to identify and discuss the recovery needs and barriers specific to the LGBTQ+ community while developing a foundation for a sober and fulfilling life.

– Adolescent Services teach teens how to address peer pressure, resolve internal conflicts, and manage their academic demands without misusing substances. Focusing on your teen’s strengths and weaknesses, we help them develop skills for positive decision making and refusal strategies that play a critical role in maintaining sobriety.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) utilizes medications to help minimize severe cravings and withdrawal symptoms that can be extremely difficult and derail you from recovery goals. Our MAT program offers Suboxone, Sublocade, and Vivitrol to support clinical therapy.

Telehealth Services enable you to have life-saving alcohol and drug addiction treatment right from the comfort and privacy of your home. We use secure HIPAA-compliant video conferencing to help you communicate regularly with a licensed clinician or certified recovery coach.

Recovery Coaching

At the core of our New York City recovery hub is Recovery Coaching, a peer-to-peer sober coaching program to help you adjust to a new sober lifestyle. This unique program partners you with a mentor, spiritual guide, and support system to assist you as you navigate through the day-to-day challenges of early sobriety and empower you to advance in your recovery. You will work closely with our certified coaches to establish a personal treatment plan, identify goals, and set a plan of action to achieve them. Through daily communication, your coach will be able to alert you of risky behaviors and keep you safe from relapse.

Family Recovery Coaching

When your loved one suffers from addiction, it is important that you also prioritize your own wellbeing. Mountainside’s Family Recovery Coaching program helps you to address any fear, stress, and anxiety caused by your loved one’s alcoholism or drug use. With the help of a Nationally Certified Family Recovery Coach, you will gain the tools and guidance needed to start making positive changes in your life and improve family dynamics impacted by substance abuse.

Connection to a Complete Continuum of Addiction Treatment and Care

Recovery from addiction is full of twists and turns. As a client of Mountainside NYC Chelsea, you have immediate access to a full continuum of rehab programs and services should your needs change and you require a different level of care. Mountainside NYC Chelsea is a part of Mountainside Treatment Center, a behavioral health network specializing in helping individuals who struggle with alcoholism and abuse of illicit and prescription drugs. In addition to the Recovery Coaching program offered in New York City, Mountainside’s main campus located in Litchfield, Connecticut offers inpatient addiction treatment programs such as Detox, Residential, and Extended Care (also known as long-term residential).  Outpatient treatment programs are also available in Westchester and Long Island, New York, in Bergen, New Jersey, and in Fairfield and Litchfield, Connecticut.

Recovery Resource Center for Alumni, Families, Community, and Treatment Professionals

Wellness Classes and Sober Events enhance your wellbeing and promote sober fun through activities designed to invigorate the mind, body, and spirit. Reduce stress and foster personal growth yoga, meditation, nutrition education, and more.

Free Support Groups allow you to connect with, lean on, and provide encouragement to peers who understand the challenges of addiction.  Free virtual and in-person support groups are available for all community members as well as their families. NEW in-person support groups you can attend at our beautiful Recovery Hub:

PLUS, see all of our Virtual and In-Person support groups available to attend virtually and at other Mountainside locations.

The Mountainside Learning Institute (MLI) launches with Recovery Coach Training based on CCAR certification curriculums, all taught by active Mountainside Recovery Coaches. And, all of the Mountainside workshops and courses that you already know and love will continue to be offered as part of our MLI initiative! That includes:

  • Educational Workshops for the community deepen understanding on a variety of topics about drug misuse, addiction, and recovery, including “How to Use Narcan” and “Drug Misuse Prevention Among Teens.”
  • Continuing Education Courses to keep addiction treatment professionals current on the latest advances in the industry and provide resources to help them better support individuals and families in healing from substance abuse disorders.

Meet Our NYC Team

At Mountainside NYC, you can be confident that you will receive comprehensive, compassionate, and personalized care from our experienced team. Our dedicated staff will guide you through lifestyle changes and support you with challenges as you reevaluate your relationship with drugs and alcohol.

Conveniently Located Alcohol and Drug Recovery Hub in New York City

Mountainside NYC Chelsea’s location in New York City is highly accessible by public transportation and an easy commute from all five boroughs – Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island – and from Hoboken and Jersey City, New Jersey. Whether you live or work in New York City, premier addiction treatment services, community support, and educational resources can be easily reached.

Our dedicated team provides you the care you need to get your life back. If you or a loved is struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, don’t wait – give us a call, now!



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