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Our multi-disciplinary team of skilled addiction treatment professionals provides you with unparalleled support on the road to total wellness. They are committed to educating you and your family about the nature of addiction, how it has affected your life, and what course of treatment is needed to achieve and sustain sobriety. Most of all, they are passionate about helping you heal.

Clinical Team

Licensed and credentialed clinicians with extensive experience in the field of substance abuse treatment guide you through the stages of early recovery and into a life full of possibility.

Family Wellness Team

Family therapists and addiction counselors focus on rebuilding family and interpersonal relationships as a cornerstone of long-term recovery.

Continuing Care Team

Addiction counselors and case managers work with you throughout treatment to develop personalized aftercare plans that help you sustain wellness following drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Extended Care Team

Dedicated professionals help clients navigate through long-term residential treatment by helping them develop constructive behaviors to support sober living and gain greater self-sufficiency in everyday life.

Business Development Team

Addiction professionals who collaborate with a diverse network of healthcare providers to identify and deliver optimal treatment solutions for individuals and families.

Executive Team

Accomplished leaders with a unified vision of excellence drive the delivery of superior substance abuse treatment and care while advancing the company’s mission to elevate the standard of addiction treatment.

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