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Drug Glossary

Understanding how alcoholism and drug abuse affects your brain and body is an important first step to a healthier and happier life. Learn more about the signs of addiction, side-effects, withdrawal symptoms, and best form of treatment for each specific substance.

How Do Substances Affect Your Body?


Drugs and alcohol attack every part of your body. They significantly deteriorate your health by weakening your immune system. They can cause a variety of cardiovascular conditions ranging from abnormal heart rate to heart attacks, and lead to ulcers, hearing loss, liver failure, seizures, strokes, infertility, and brain damage.

But they don’t just affect your physical health. They can also affect your mental and emotional health. Substance abuse can cause paranoia, depression, hallucinations, impaired judgment, and memory loss. Did you know 1 in 4 deaths are attributed to drugs or alcohol? Substance abuse is treatable. The time to take back your life is now!

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