How to Get Rid of the Sunday Scaries

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Let’s set the scene: it’s Sunday and the clock is ticking, counting down to the beginning of a new work week. This hypothetical alone is enough to send shivers down your spine. Sundays are typically paired with feelings of dread. But no more! You can develop some new habits, kick the Sunday scaries to the curb, and strengthen your recovery. |gif_sections_set|2|Rejoice, It’s Sunday Funday|Sundays may mark the end of the weekend, but that’s doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Too often, Sundays play the role of “chore day.” But you can start making Sunday plans that are sure to excite you. Grab Sunday breakfast at a homey diner, go see a matinee movie, take a walk in a scenic park, or go explore a neighboring town – keep the fun going! Make it a goal to get the most out of your weekend.|2C7o4KdNauZy|gif_sections_set|2|Recharge Yourself|If you’re burnt out, the idea of beginning yet another work week can feel agonizing. By incorporating wellness practices each Sunday, you can approach the new week rejuvenated. Begin this process by figuring out which practice best fuels your mind, body, and spirit. Consider meditation, which guides individuals through reflection and breathing exercises. Meditation helps with problem-solving and regulating emotions. Also, putting pen to paper and expressing your thoughts in a journal can help clear your mind and help you better understand your feelings. Perhaps your inner peace can be unleashed outside. Spending time outdoors can decrease negative self-talk and lead to a recharged mental state.|26hisjy85ML01lqH6|gif_sections_set|2|Be Present|The worries that come along with the approaching new week make Sundays frightening, so what if you refocused your train of thought? Look at Sunday as another day off, full of opportunity for leisure and fun. If you spend your Sunday thinking about how presumably terrible the upcoming week will be, do you even give Sunday’s potential a chance? Of course not.|jZW51JxM9CmDm|gif_sections_set|2|Stick to an Awesome Morning Routine|
If you start your day off thinking it’s going to be horrible, chances are it’s going to be pretty bleak. Perspective is reality. If you wake up to an activity you enjoy, you may actually look forward to starting each workday. Try reading a book, going outside, or practicing yoga before you get ready to head to your job. That way, you aren’t catapulted into the hustle and bustle of the day and instead have a moment to find your bearings.|wTZEVpzXXrlZK|gif_sections_set|2|Keep the Future Bright|Make plans that will keep you looking forward to the week ahead. Sure, you’ll be at work during the day, but that doesn’t mean the evening isn’t an opportunity to feed your soul what it desires. After work, catch up with friends, go watch the sunset, or simply go home and watch a movie you’ve been dying to see. The options are endless, and the fun can be too. |mbEgX6CUS01cQ|Getting in a weekly funk and letting the Sunday scaries set in is not good for your mental health. And you know that strong well-being is vital to maintaining your recovery. By approaching the work week with a new perspective, you can tackle what needs to get done and have a great time in the process!

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