Early Recovery

Once you are sober, the hard work doesn't end. Learn about how you can strengthen yourself in early recovery and fortify your future.

Top Signs Your Body is Healing From Trauma

Healing from trauma is a journey. But how do you know if you are making progress? Learn the signs your body and mind are healing from trauma.

Healing from Trauma and Distressing Experiences: How EMDR Can Help

Struggling with trauma or distressing experiences? Understanding how EMDR therapy works can help you decide if this therapy is right for you.
Addiction Treatment

What is Bespoke Luxury Addiction Treatment?

Our luxury bespoke treatment program offers highly personalized wellness plans and flexibility. Discover if this approach is right for you.

Unraveling the Myth of "Big T" and "Little T" Trauma

Dividing trauma into “Big T” and “Little T” types can minimize experience and poorly affect a trauma survivor. Learn more here.

How to Set SMART Goals in Recovery

Setting SMART goals in recovery can help you achieve health, wellbeing & long-term sobriety. Learn some examples of SMART goals.
Sober Living

How to Get Started with Fitness and Exercise in Recovery

Starting exercise in recovery has many more benefits than weight loss: a mind-body connection, natural endorphins, and self-esteem building.

Build a Life You Love: How Routines Can Help You Thrive in Recovery

Developing a routine in recovery is a crucial step in building a new healthy lifestyle, reducing uncertainty, and creating the structure to support your well-being and sobriety. An organized routine can reduce idle time, keep you engaged, and effectively manage stress and triggers. But where do you even begin? First, you should understand why you […]

Stories of Transformation: Atticus A.

Sobriety Date: March 23, 2020 Discovering himself College Student Dependable friend Music artist Mountainside Treatment Center · Atticus A. Transcript Atticus described substance use as a roller coaster. Each time he smoked weed or took pills, he wanted to challenge himself to go on the more intense ride. Eventually, it became too much and something […]

Stories of Transformation: Amy L.

Amy was always interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and striving for good grades, but then addiction got in the way. See what happens when Amy chose to put her own life first.

Quitting Alcohol? Here Is What to Expect

While everyone's battle against addiction is unique, there are certain things that everyone can expect and prepare for.

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