Healthy friendships are essential to your well-being. When pursing reovery, it is vital to develop a good support network. Being lonely or feeling social pressure to fit in with a new crowd have the potential to trigger relapse. Learn how you can build new relationships and strengthen frayed ones.

Boundaries in Recovery: What They Are, How to Set Them, and Why You Need Them

Setting boundaries is essential in addiction recovery not just for the family, but the person with the substance use disorder themselves. Here's why.

5 Things to Say to Someone Struggling with Alcohol

Talking to a friend or family member about their excessive drinking is not easy. Learn what you can say to help them realize that they need help.
Family Wellness

4 Ways to Support Your Loved One's Recovery During the Holidays

The holidays can be difficult for those in recovery, as many celebrations involve drinking. Learn how to help your loved one have sober fun during this time.
Drug Addiction

How to Talk to Your Loved One About Your Addiction

Telling your loved ones that you are struggling with substance abuse can be difficult. These are some tips to help you be better prepared for this important conversation.

Tips for Hanging Out With a Friend Who’s In Recovery

Take into consideration what types of environments might best support your friend's sobriety.

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