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Pura Vida! Pure life – that is exactly what I experienced on my first ever alumni trip. Being immersed in Costa Rica’s culture for eight days, I began to embrace this idea of living the simple life and the idea of going with the flow.

The journey was filled with adventure, volunteerism, and nature. Each of us was challenged to reach outside of our comfort zone. Through each activity, through each day, we all supported one another.

No matter where we went, we were always greeted with a genuine smile. The people were amazing — sharing their history, customs, values, and let’s not forget, their food! Each conversation we had was real and heartfelt.

There is something truly special about sharing experiences such as this one with a group of people. We made memories, shared laughs, and even some tears. But most of all, we celebrated life and each other. Each of us has grown from this experience and that is what recovery is all about!

Each step moment made me appreciate and live in gratitude. Pura Vida is not something you can explain. It is a way of life. It is a feeling. It is what made the trip to Costa Rica so special.

MTS News

Mountainside and our amazing team of addiction professionals have been featured in the media recently. Not only are they raising awareness about Mountainside but they are sharing their expertise about addiction. In some cases, our team members have shared their own stories of addiction to reduce the stigma associated with the disease.

Jason Arsenault, Senior Manager in our Recovery Coaching program, discusses alcoholism in the New York Post while in NBC Out, Jason shared more of his personal story of addiction. In Talkspace and in Vice, our Director of Psychiatry, Dr. Shanthi Mogali, spoke about anxiety.

You can always keep track of Mountainside in the media by checking our newsroom.

Floating in crystal clear oceans, meditating in the middle of nature, taking nocturnal wilderness walks, and snorkeling with sharks – that is just a glimpse of what our alumni experienced during this eight-day, life changing trip to Costa Rica.

Watch this video to see alumni having an amazing time on this adventure!

June Milestones

Click here to see all of the June recovery birthdays! If you have a milestone coming up next month, [email us](mailto:jessica.dunn@mountainside.com) your first name, last initial, city, state, and how long you’ve been in recovery.


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