Mountainside Treatment Center Press Releases

Brad Pitt and the new alcoholism

Jason Arsenault, outreach support specialist in Mountainside’s Recovery Coaching program, discusses “the new alcoholic. Read here.

OutFront: Recovery Coach Helps Others in LGBTQ Community Get Sober

  Jason Arsenault, an Outreach Recovery Specialist with our Recovery Coaching team, is featured in this NBC OUT article about his work with LGBTQ addicted persons. Read here.

7 Tips for Talking to Your Kids About the Lethal Dangers of Opioids

Family Wellness Manager Tina Muller shares her thoughts on talking with children about opioids and prescription drugs. Read here.

10 Silent Signs You Could Have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Director of Psychiatry Shanthi Mogali reveals some less familiar signs of PTSD with Reader’s Digest. Read here.

How to Tell If Your Social Drinking Is Normal – Or Something More Serious

Dr. Mogali, our Director of Psychiatry, discusses the difference between social drinking and alcoholism. Read here.