The Bright Side of Life

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I was standing in my laundry room when out of the corner of my eye I saw the most vibrant sunset. Without even thinking, I threw on my shoes and ran outside. I stood in silence appreciating the gift the universe handed me.

When I was drinking or using, I willingly gave those precious offerings away. But what nature provides is never ending. Its beauty, even in its most destructive state, can be appreciated. Its power is undeniable.

Now that spring is here there are endless opportunities to witness the magic of Mother Nature. As the colors start to reappear, it’s as if our world is being reborn. Every day, I try to stop and take a piece of what I witness with me into the day. It reminds me how small I am and that I am not the center of all things.

I find solitude in nature and its ever-changing landscape. And what a beautiful thought to know that at any time in the day I can re-center by stepping outside or glancing out a window.

I challenge you to take note of what you see ⎼ watch the clouds pass, close your eyes to listen to the birds, feel the breeze on your face, or to look up at the vast universe we are part of. I hope that it will bring you a moment of joy, a smile or a sense of peace, just as it does for me.

Share Night Volunteers
Michael T. Southbury, CT 980 Days
Lisa C. Redding, CT 938 Days
Nicole S. Shelton, CT 802 Days
Carl A. West Springfield, MA 593 Days
Krista M. Clinton, CT 421 Days
Brian P. Oxford, CT 214 Days
Many thanks to the alumni who volunteered to speak in March!

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