How Do You Incorporate Meditation into Your Daily Life?

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Start small. That very first step may be five-minute meditation. Five minutes may turn into ten. What we’re looking for is the momentum to create a good habit, which takes time. Some new studies show that creating a new good habit takes, on average, 66 days. You can take yourself off the hook from having to think about meditating for an hour, or even a half hour, and instead, do it for five minutes.

You sit, you observe. Set the tone for your day, so that you’re moving into your day mindfully. Then maybe tomorrow, next week, or the week after, add a few more minutes and see how it feels and how it’s going. But never try to load yourself up with meditation; otherwise, it may fall apart and you’ll be back to square one. So start small. Small increments of five-minute meditation will be great for long-term gain.

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