Lower Your Stress Through Himalayan Singing Bowl Meditation

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Incorporating meditation into your daily routine has countless benefits, from improved concentration to lower stress levels. But for some, meditation can be intimidating or uncomfortable. Because most of us are not accustomed to sitting in silence, it can be difficult to sit still and find our inner peace. That is where Himalayan singing bowl meditation can help.

What is Himalayan Singing Bowl Meditation?

Developed thousands of years ago in Tibet, a mountainous region of China located in the Himalayas, singing bowl meditation is a form of sound therapy that uses metal singing bowls to produce soothing and harmonious tones. Typically, an instructor or guide will conduct a session in an enclosed space to create a sound bath, which amplifies sounds and reverberates them around the room to create an immersive sonic environment. They will ‘play’ the bowls by striking and rubbing their metal exteriors with a wooden mallet to make a powerful bell-like sound that participants describe as being relaxing, stress-reducing, and meditative.

During a session, participants are encouraged to seek deep meditation by setting a clear intention, like reducing stress or being mindful, focus their breathing, and let the tones of the singing bowls transport them into a state of mindfulness and relaxation, letting go of distractions and embracing the present.

Enjoying Himalayan singing bowl meditation is incredibly simple. It can be practiced by laying down or sitting — whichever is most comfortable — and it requires absolutely no effort or prior experience. All participants need is an open mind and a willingness to participate. Sessions typically last around half an hour, allowing for flexibility, and longer sessions might incorporate other holistic wellness practices, such as yoga, to also engage the body physically. Session size can range from a one-on-one class to a large group setting, but typically see no fewer than 30 people to help foster a small, intimate setting.

Why do People Turn to Singing Bowl Meditation?

Even though sessions can be short, the sound vibrations produced by singing bowls have therapeutic effects on the mind, body and spirit, such as relaxation, reduced stress, and greater inner peace, that can last throughout the day. Although the benefits of this form of meditation have not been extensively researched, many participants cite it as a valuable tool for relaxation and self-exploration that calms them down, improves their focus and creativity, enhances their creativity, and leads to a greater sense of well-being and inner peace.

Additionally, as a supplement to yoga classes, Himalayan singing bowl meditation has been reported almost universally to create a deep, relaxing effect experience. This can lead to an “opening and softening” within participants, leading them deeper into a meditative state. There is measurable stress reduction in participants beyond how they feel spiritually. Many report being able to sleep better, and some even experience lower heart rate and blood pressure.

How Can Singing Bowl Meditation Benefit Your Recovery?

While everyone could benefit from some relaxation, Himalayan singing bowl meditation can be especially helpful for those in addiction treatment, as it helps them unwind, settle in, and focus on healing. Stress is one of the most significant triggers for those in recovery from substance abuse, and can often cause them to seek drugs and alcohol to self-medicate. Because of this, it is important to find simple ways to reduce and manage stress. For those that are in active recovery, Himalayan singing bowl meditation can serve as a stress-reduction technique and can help them stay grounded when they are feeling overwhelmed. Actively engaging in holistic wellness and meditation can help reduce risk of relapse and lower the frequency of cravings for drugs, which is extremely important to staying on the path to recovery.

Himalayan singing bowls can help to bring peace and harmony to those that partake in this ancient and beautiful art.

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