Meghan O. — Embracing a Beautiful New Beginning

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My life did not begin to change until I truly surrendered to my Higher Power and learned how to practice acceptance.

I will never forget being picked up and taken to Mountainside, I was probably the sickest I have ever been in my life. I did not know how I was going to make the three-and-half-hour drive to Mountainside. While battling through this ride I realized I was going to a place where I would receive the best care possible. The driver, Brian, from Mountainside’s security team was one of the most caring, compassionate individuals I had ever met. He did everything he could to care for me while I was sick and help me make it through the long ride.

Beginning a Beautiful New Life at Mountainside

Unfortunately, when I arrived at Mountainside, I was too sick to go to detox and I spent one night in the hospital. The morning Mountainside picked me up from the hospital I saw the most beautiful view I had ever seen in my life. The sun had just come up and I could see the mountains, but the thing that made this view so spectacular was the fog. A thick fog below the mountains made them look like they were floating in the sky as if they were part of some amazing new world above. Little did I know this was a sign of the beautiful new life that would begin to develop for me in my recovery.

Practicing New Skills and Hobbies in Recovery

I spent about 45 days at Mountainside learning how to live and be happy in recovery. During this time, I realized a big part of my life had been missing for a long time preventing me from being happy, spirituality. I began to work the program of Alcoholics Anonymous and found new healthy hobbies, such as yoga and hiking. I also went on my first camping trip ever, with the women at Mountainside. I had begun to enjoy nature and my new more spiritual activities but most important of all I was beginning to develop a relationship with a Higher Power.

When I left Mountainside, I tried to do what I had been told would keep me sober. I went to sober living for a bit, and then when I got back to Boston, I got my first sponsor and began to work the steps. My life began to change, I developed strong healthy relationships with sober people who truly cared for me. I attended meetings regularly, got a few service positions, and developed a strong network of support for myself. With my newfound support, I was putting in my best effort to live my life by the promises and principals of AA.

Developing the Relationship with My Higher Power

Since making these changes my life is completely different and I have learned to find comfort in giving up control to my Higher Power. This was not as easy as it sounds, I feel like it took me almost the whole year I have been sober, to find acceptance. However, once I stopped trying to control everything and began to believe in the universe’s plan for me things became so much easier. I feel like being able to let go and accept this idea happened recently for me. This was after a series of spiritually enlightening events I had experienced in moon ceremonies, reiki, yoga, meetings, interactions with others in recovery, and “God moments”.

Doing What’s Best for Me

Things have finally started to come back together after being in recovery for just over a year. Work has been going great, I was recently put up for a promotion in my job as a social worker for the state of Massachusetts. Though I did not take the job, because of my recovery I was able to make the decision that it was not the right time for me to make this change and I respectfully withdrew my name from consideration. I was also dealing with some drama, in my position with the state, which would have destroyed me in the past. However, after finding strength through developing a connection with a higher power I was able to look at this from the perspective that the universe was giving me a sign that it was time to move on from this position.

So, after almost 14 years I left my job with the state, and I am now a case manager at Aftermath Behavioral Health. As a result of having a strong program of recovery, I was able to recognize that I took my previous job with the state when I was mentally, physically, and spiritually unwell. I have also gone back to school this spring to complete my master’s in social work, which I should finish in the spring of 2025. In my new position at Aftermath, I can put the skills I have been learning while in school for my master’s in social work to use.

None of this would have ever been possible if I had not found the tools I needed to succeed in my recovery. I still attend my regular meetings regularly, have a service position, and am working the steps with my sponsor. I also include prayer, meditation, and yoga in my daily life. I have discovered new hobbies such as a mindful practice of making mala necklaces with healing crystals. In recovery, I have found comfort and the ability to trust that the universe has a plan for me and truly wants me to be happy. I am thankful for this gift and am excited to keep working on my program to see what will come next.

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