5 Reasons to Go to Rehab

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Accepting that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol is a crucial first step in battling addiction. Seeking treatment should follow. But sometimes, the idea of going to rehab can be scary and overwhelming, and the desire to stay close to loved ones or fear of the unknown can become road blocks, preventing you from getting the help you need.

Addiction treatment may not be easy, but if your career is hanging by a thread or your relationships are falling apart, going to drug rehab is your best chance at overcoming addiction and regaining control of your life.  Below are five (of many) great reasons why you should go to rehab.

1. Discover the root causes of your addiction and how to manage them.

You’ve surely noticed that some people can drink without becoming alcoholics or use drugs just once, but have you ever wondered why you became addicted? The underlying cause for addiction is not always clear, but going to rehab can help shed a light on your addiction. Perhaps you started using as a way of self-medicating to deal with pain, anxiety, depression, stress, or trauma. Maybe you did this without even knowing why you were using. Engaging in therapy will not only help you discover the root of your addiction but also help you address and manage it.

2. Reconnect with yourself and rebuild your self-esteem.

Self-esteem refers to an individual’s overall subjective feelings of personal value and self-worth. Oftentimes, many people struggling with addiction have low self-esteem. In some cases, poor self-esteem may have been the initial reason for using drugs, but addiction can damage your self-esteem and confidence levels even more. Although addiction can make you think negatively about yourself, going to rehab will teach you how to focus less on your past mistakes and more on the strides you are making. You will also find ways to reconnect with yourself. Through identifying your strengths, learning positive life skills, and setting meaningful goals, rehab will prepare you for long-term sobriety.

3. Learn how to mend relationships with loved ones.

Addiction takes a toll on all aspects of your life, including how you interact with those around you. And because addiction drastically changes your personality, it is not uncommon to lose friends and push away loved ones during active addition. Going to an addiction rehab center allows you to relearn how to be yourself again, practice honesty, and rebuild trust. Many drug rehabs also offer family counseling, which can help parents and other family members embark on their own healing journey as well.  Over time, relationships can be repaired and in many cases, grow stronger than ever.

4. Surround yourself with a sober support system.

Chances are that your current social circle includes others who use drugs or alcohol. This can be very dangerous and hinder your chances of achieving sobriety. Going to a drug rehabilitation program allows you to step away from your usual environment, temptation, and triggers. It also allows you to meet others who are going through some of the same things that you are. Being surrounded by individuals who really want to make a positive change in their lives can help you stay motivated on your journey. These people will also become your sober support system; they will go on this journey with you and really understand where you’re coming from because they’ve been there too. And of course, the experienced staff and therapists will be there to help you every step of the way and recommend ways to expand your sober support system, after you complete treatment.

5. Rehab can save your life.

It is no secret that addiction can kill you. Every time you drink alcohol or use drugs, you are putting everything at risk. Going to rehab could quite literally save your life. And not only do you get to stay alive, but completing addiction treatment allows you to reclaim it and shape it to be whatever you desire. You won’t just be living, you will be thriving.

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