5 Things to Do Instead of Drinking This New Year’s Eve

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group of friends holding 2020 sparkler for new years eve

It’s a common misconception that alcohol goes hand in hand with New Year’s Eve festivities. But in reality, you can bring in the new year sober and have way more fun – and drum roll: even remember the night the next day. Here are five awesome activities you can enjoy on New Year’s Eve while safeguarding your sobriety.

Be Awed by Fireworks

Prepare to “ooh” and “aah” at a local firework show! Let’s face it, a person cannot go to a firework show and not be mesmerized. There is something so captivating about watching the colors burst in the sky, sparkling in the distance. It’s also a moment to experience that sober excitement that people in recovery yearn for. Pro-tip: head to a waterside restaurant and watch the fireworks blast off as your dinner entertainment! Just make sure you make reservations in advance, because those spots fill up quickly.

Practice Your Ice Skating Moves

Nothing says winter more than heading to the rink and putting on your ice skates. Even if you haven’t had much practice, ice skating is a great way to stay active while having a great time with your family and friends. And after you’ve hit the ice and skated to the beat of whatever fun tunes the rink is bumping, you can head over to the food court and indulge in comfort foods. Or head out to a restaurant post-skate – this is your night, plan it any way you like!

Head to the Mountains

The frigid January air welcomes the opportunity for a cabin getaway. Consider retreating near some snow-blanketed mountains and enjoying an extended weekend away from the real world. You could have yourself some hot cocoa and watch NYE movies, such as When Harry Met Sally, as you sit by the side of a fireplace. You can even set up a self-care session, complete with your favorite face mask, bath bomb, and winter-scented candles. And in the morning, you’ll wake up without a hangover, ready to go for a hike in the woods. Just be sure to dress warm!

Get Your Party On

You do not need alcohol to have a night full of silly antics and letting loose. Make some room at your place for dancing and invite some pals over for a house party. You can get creative by cooking up finger foods, putting together a fun playlist, and displaying NYE decorations. And remember to snag the party hats, noisemakers, and confetti canons for extra pizazz.

Score Points and Host Game Night

Get out all of your board games, multiplayer console games, and cards, because it’s time to have your loved ones over for a game night! You can even have your friends and family each bring their favorite game, that way the pressure isn’t all on you – plus, there will be something for everyone to enjoy. For an added special touch, you can prepare game night snacks and beverages. Just let your guests know that the number one rule of game night is to have fun!

If you grew up watching your family drink each holiday, know that breaking that unhealthy tradition is something to be proud of. At the end of the day, this is your New Year’s Eve celebration, and you can have an amazing time without the booze. So, choose your adventure and get ready to have a ball as you count down to 2020!


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