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25 Years of Mountainside

Since 1998, Mountainside treatment center has continually provided the highest quality of treatment and care to individuals struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. We have empowered over 20,000 people to transform their lives and achieve long-term recovery.

Throughout our 25th anniversary year, we will be highlighting the people and programs of Mountainside through a set of exciting new initiatives. Keep scrolling to celebrate with us!

Mountainside’s story is not just one story, but many: of how we started from a small idea between two friends and have grown to be an award-winning institution across the Northeast. It is the story of how a dedicated group of people, who we are very proud to call our team, has joined together each day to provide best-in-class care for our valued clients. And it is the story of the many lives that we have had the honor to fill with hope and healing, to help transform from darkness and isolation to light, laughter and love.

Stories of Transformation

Our favorite way to celebrate? Listening to the truly inspirational stories of lives transformed through treatment. In honor of our milestone anniversary, we will be highlighting stories from alumni, their loved ones, and Mountainside staff, whose own paths to recovery inform and inspire the work we do each day. 

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First up, meet Alison B., a single mother of two who credits Mountainside with saving her life after a heroin relapse during the pandemic landed her in the ICU.


Nik K Mountainside Stories

Nik K. is a healthy thrill-seeker, competing in various races. But it wasn’t always this way. Learn about his struggle with alcoholism and how recovery led to a passion for fitness.

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Rachel M. struggled with trauma, grief, and substance abuse as a highschooler and young adult. Now, a loving wife and mother of two, Rachel is thriving in recovery.  

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Jesse W. struggled to fit in and find recovery. His story shows how trusting the process and doing the “right” thing can take you far.


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 Vincent D. went from using drugs and alcohol to cope, to learning how to treat himself with love and compassion. Find out what his life looks like now as a Mountainside Recovery Coach empowering LGBTQ+ clients. 

Gaylen M.’s early life revolved around alcohol and her job. Her perseverance along with the support of her loved ones helped her reach a life in recovery she never thought was possible.



Amy L.’s story starts with her passion for soccer, academic pursuits, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but then addiction got in the way. See what happens when Amy put her own life first.


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Pat M. struggled with substance abuse most of his early life trying to run from his problems rather than face them. After many obstacles, a few attempts to get sober, and a bit of self-discovery, Pat is now living a beautiful life in recovery.

Atticus A - Mountainside alumni

Atticus A. described substance use as a roller coaster. Each time he smoked weed or took pills, he wanted to challenge himself to go on the more intense ride. Eventually, it became too much, and he knew something had to change.

Ricky T. is 25 years sober. He has a kind heart, and a warm personality and is always willing to help people in need. But there was a time when he had to overcome one of the biggest struggles of his life. Here’s his story. 

chelsea d mountainside alumni sitting on rock next to lake

Chelsea D.‘s life changed after losing her boyfriend to an overdose. She wanted to get sober but didn’t know how. Her family helped her get into Mountainside, where she immediately felt safe and loved. Through her dedication, Chelsea now has a life in recovery she never thought was possible.  

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More Stories Coming Soon!

Watch this space for NEW Stories of Transformation.

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