Recovery Coaching FAQs

Is Recovery Coaching therapy?

It is comprehensive, strength-based support and coaching provided by certified professionals committed to helping clients reach their recovery goals.

How is this different from having a sponsor?

Our certified recovery coaches work full-time to help clients remain sober and overcome any life challenges that arise during early recovery. Coaches and clients work on personalized wellness plans and risk assessments ─ a sponsor does not do this. Coaches are also in constant communication with a client’s family to inform them of their loved one’s progress as well as ensure that the client is receiving the necessary support to succeed. If a client needs additional services from addiction professionals, their coach will connect them to reputable service providers to ensure that they are receiving the comprehensive assistance they need. While a coach does not take you through the 12 steps, they do encourage each client to participate in a fellowship, and often reference the 12 steps.
One of the biggest difference between Mountainside’s Recovery Coaching program and having a sponsor is that our program is supported by an experienced clinical team that is available to assist as needed.

Are the Recovery Coaches in recovery?

All of our recovery coaches—whether they are in recovery or not—are knowledgeable about the nature of addiction and how to help clients achieve their sobriety goals. Many are indeed in recovery themselves and share guidance based on their own experiences.

What does the Recovery Coaching program include?

Our Recovery Coaching program includes 24/7 access to your coach, weekly virtual or face-to-face meetings (available in our New York City, Chappaqua, Huntington, Ramsey, Wilton, and Canaan locations or at a place convenient to you), frequent text check-ins, family calls, connected care network calls, wellness plans, monthly goal development, accountability, and sober companionship. For more detailed information, visit our Recovery Coaching program page.

How often are my family and I able to connect with the recovery coach?

As much as you need to. There is a set schedule, and most sessions are completed during regular business hours, but there is 24/7 phone support in the event of an emergency.

How long is the program?

Mountainside’s Recovery Coaching program is designed to last a year but can be tailored to meet a client’s needs.

What if I relapse?

Our clinical team will conduct a relapse assessment and identify the appropriate level of care you need, and provide you with referrals as necessary. Depending on the individual and the severity of their relapse, clients may be recommended to increase daily communication, seek a psychiatrist, enter sober living, participate in outpatient therapy, undergo detox, or enter a residential addiction treatment program. Because recovery coaches are in constant communication with clients, their family, and their support network, they are able to catch relapses early on.

Am I able to end the program at any time?

If you feel the program is not meeting your needs, you will be able to stop at any time.

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