Day 7 - Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith

Day 7

Some honesty and feelings flowed after the class to reveal some deeper things unfolding. This led me to consider opening the evening meeting with a meditation and some heartfelt honestly about where I was in the scheme of things emotionally to open the door for others to speak freely.

Day 7

Today began once again with a Qi Gong offering, then we had another wonderful meal and were off to the cenote. This is traditionally a “spiritual well” for offerings, cleansings, and new beginnings. Everyone was excited to be in the water deep under the surface of the earth. The guys were energetic, playful, and amazed once again. We bathed for three hours, and some of us found ourselves “leaning into our fear of height” by diving of a cliff and into the water. One by one we went through what was needed — internally working ourselves up, overthinking the leap, and eventually having to just “LET GO” and jump. In going through the jump, it felt as if we would die, but in the end, we felt more alive than we had in months if not years.

Upon returning for lunch we noticed our busy schedules had created some tired minds and bodies in a healthy way — a siesta was in order.

During the evening group, one of the guys shared with emotions streaming down his face. He spoke of what he is facing and how this trip opened his eyes to the personal buttons that previously had been pushed. He realized he is a work in progress.

Let’s just say many spoke up about working with emotions and looking at what they will “do” to create that shift of perspective (Gym, running, meditation, planning a project and more). The evening was amazingly capped off with a spectacular light show back at the ruins sitting in front of the great pyramid. We watched the history of Maya through light, narration, and music. This seemed divinely timed.

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