Day 3: Avenue of the Dead

Avenue of the Dead

Day 3

We began the day with me offering qigong and sitting meditation to a group of seven to start the day in a mindful way.

Day 3

After breakfast, we all traveled to the Avenue of the Dead. There we took a deep look at what got us here today: our old ways of being and our willingness to change. We said goodbye to our old selves by burying a stone at the archaeological site. This was a powerful representation of us letting go of the past.

We received many lessons throughout the day as we transitioned through different areas of the site. The sun was blistering hot. A few of the guys got sunburned, but most had prepared themselves with sunscreen, water, extra shirts and hats to combat being exposed to the intensity of the sun for roughly six hours.

Before ascending the Pyramid of the Moon, we had lunch at LaGruta. This restaurant is in a cave and unlike anything any of us had ever seen. The atmosphere was amazing and the food even more delicious. After we were all full of life and food, we had to take our full bellies up the pyramid — which was a very steep climb. Once we arrived at the peak, the Ruiz brothers proceeded to impart information about the ancient culture that surrounded us. The feeling of rebirth was very palpable today.

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