**In observation of the holiday, this support group will be canceled on July 4th, 2024**

About This Peer-led Support Group

Recovery Share Night allows individuals recovering from drug or alcohol addiction to take the stage and share their story with our addiction recovery community. After sharing, our sobriety meeting opens to a Q&A format, where attendees can ask the speaker questions related to their addiction and recovery story. This substance abuse support group presents a unique opportunity to get a candid account of someone’s recovery journey. Because of the open dialogue format, participants can form in-depth discussions with the audience on topics such as substance use triggers, coping skills, and ways to create healthy boundaries.

To Be a Speaker, you MUST meet the following criteria:

  • 6+ months of being clean and sober from drugs and alcohol
  • Have an established recovery network
  • Willing to share your recovery story in detail
  • Willing to answer questions and respond to comments about your recovery story

IF YOU MEET THE ABOVE CRITERIA, email us at alumni.services@mountainside.com to get on the Speakers List.

**To maintain the privacy and safety of our addiction recovery community, attending this substance abuse support group for educational or research purposes is not permitted. However, you may find helpful information through our drug glossary and blog.**

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Support Groups

It is often said that the opposite of addiction is not sobriety, but connection. Having a strong support system is paramount to your sobriety and recovery journey. At Mountainside, we offer a wide range of in-person and virtual support groups for individuals in recovery and friends and families with loved ones in recovery. These groups are designed to help you stay connected to like-minded individuals regardless of where you are.

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