The Rock by Jack

The Rock

by Jack

It was a bad day

filled with overwhelming

and soul crushing pain and sorrow.

I ended up talking to you about it,

trying to get it out

through the tears.

You handed me

a small shiny stone and

couldn’t quite remember what kind it was.

And even now,

I can’t quite remember the

guesses you had.

Hematite springs to mind,

but who knows?

You sagely said that it

would take all the bad juju away

if I kept it with me.

I’ve held several magic

rocks before in my time,

but was never able to get them

to work right.

But I have to say,

I’ve kept this one with me ever since,

except for one panicked moment

where it happened to be in a different pocket

that belonged to different pants.

But I should let you know

that you saved me that day.

You and your magic rock.

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