Ladybug by Nancy


by Nancy

My heart was broken, flat in half. How, how, how has this love, this life, this little bit of bottom, bottom-less love for him turned to torture. Time to make a change. “Did you desert me?” my heart screamed at me at me this morning, laying flat on my back in bed, my right eye-corner creaking open lightly, as I let the snow light in! Then both eyes – boom! There’s the ceiling, the boring beige with the lovely lady bug, teeny tiny in the wide world scope. Little lady still stuck to the ceiling right where I left her when I fell asleep at night. Little lonely lady crawling, creeping. Where does she think she’s going? That ceiling is huge, that ceiling… My alarm blasts, beeping me away from my bug, and it’s time to get up, get out, get moving.

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