First Love by Keven

First Love

by Keven

The date is August 12 2005. It was 3:31 in the afternoon. It was a beautiful day, but I’m sweating like Patrick Ewing from the free-throw line. It’s really cold in the room. And I’m nervous, thinking to myself: is she gonna love me at first glance as I did her? She is so beautiful. Nine pounds eleven ounces. She is gorgeous, precious, and loud. She smelled of fresh life and sounded like it too. Trinity Star, I named her. My first born and first love, truly a miracle. I loved her almost instantly. I never forget the feeling. The flow of tears, the joy of touch once I held her, the serenity in my nervousness, that flutter in my body. She was my best piece of work. It was like every bad thing in my life disappeared in that moment. It was her and I, and that was all I needed.

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