New York City’s New Hub for Recovery: Mountainside Opens Center in Chelsea

Published on September 11, 2019
Mountainside Canaan Aerial Shot

New York, NY – A new space for people in recovery and their advocates is coming to New York City this fall. Mountainside treatment center’s newest hub – Mountainside Chelsea – is designed to empower the sober community and provide addiction resources for treatment professionals and the public.

One of the visions for the new space – a refurbished, three-story parking garage at 243 West 18th Street – is to help people in recovery embrace and live a happy, healthy life in sobriety. Recovery Coaching will be offered to help individuals in recovery work through everyday challenges and make strides towards their life goals. Services range from assistance in re-entering work or school and developing a daily self-care routine to coordination of care with other health and wellness providers.

There will be sober events and wellness classes hosted in the center, which also houses a game room and lounge with ping pong, pool tables, and arcade games. A gallery will exhibit works by artists in recovery and art that sparks conversation about addiction. The Opioid Spoon Project by artist Domenic Esposito is slated to be installed later this year. These social activities and gathering spaces will provide individuals in recovery with an opportunity to not only have fun but also meet, connect, and expand their support systems.

For addiction treatment professionals, Mountainside Chelsea will provide a forum for discussion of trends in substance abuse and exchange of treatment best practices. It aims to bring together industry leaders to advocate for legislation and funding to broaden mental health services and insurance coverage for individuals struggling with drugs or alcohol. Other professionals, such as lawyers, college administrators, and human resource managers will have access to addiction education and treatment resources to help them assist high-risk individuals who may be in their care.

The center will also host informational workshops to help raise awareness of addiction and support overdose prevention in the city. Workshops will teach the public how to identify addiction, the dangers of new and more deadly substances such as fentanyl, and how to effectively administer Narcan to reverse an opioid overdose. Weekly support groups will provide a safe space for individuals who have loved ones battling addiction to share experiences and gain support, encouragement, and hope from others who well understand that addiction ravages not just individuals but families as well.

“The goal of Mountainside Chelsea is to provide much-needed resources to people in recovery and people who have been impacted by addiction – which is everyone. With the ongoing drug crisis throughout the nation, it is important to have a place where people can learn about and discuss the important issues facing our community. By coming together, we can help to dispel myths about addiction and remove the stigma many in recovery face. Our aim is to join together to create a stronger voice advocating for change,” said Andre Basso, Chief Operating Officer at Mountainside.

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