Mountainside NYC Recovery Hub 2.0 Brings Greater Addiction Treatment and Care to the Heart of Manhattan

Published on April 18, 2023
Mountainside Canaan Aerial Shot

New York City recovery resource center unveils its one-stop destination for full services to help the community address substance abuse.

New York, NY – Mountainside Treatment Center, a nationally-acclaimed behavioral health network, is relaunching its New York City Hub for Recovery this June. The three-story building in the Chelsea neighborhood is dedicated to expanding and enhancing the recovery experience for persons suffering from addiction, and for the community around them. 

Mountainside NYC will provide a range of alcohol and drug addiction treatment including outpatient therapy, psychiatric services, medication-assisted treatment, and recovery coaching for individuals wanting to heal from substance abuse. It will also offer support groups, a range of educational opportunities, and wellness events for all in the greater NYC community.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, from 1999 to 2021, drug overdose deaths quadrupled in the United States. The pandemic exacerbated the problem, sparking a surge of mental health struggles, leading to an increase in opioid-involved overdoses from an estimated 70,029 in 2020 to 80,816 in 2021. New York City, in particular, saw a nearly 80 percent jump in drug overdoses from 2019 to 2021.

“The substance abuse crisis is an ongoing and ever-evolving problem. As one of the world’s largest urban centers, New York City has an entirely unique set of challenges,” said Chief Executive Officer Andre Basso. “We are excited to launch version 2.0 of our New York City Recovery Hub to provide more much-needed resources for individuals to heal, learn, and connect in a safe and supportive environment.”  

A full suite of clinical Outpatient Services will be added to Mountainside NYC’s existing menu of offerings. In addition to its peer-to-peer Recovery Coaching program, New Yorkers will now also be able to access quality outpatient counseling from intensive group therapy and individual therapy to family counseling, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy. High-risk populations such as the LGBTQ+ community, young adults, and business professionals will also have specialized programming to meet their unique needs.  

“According to SAMHSA, over 44 million Americans aged 18 or older struggle with a substance use disorder, yet officials estimate that less than 10 percent of those affected receive proper care,” said Basso. “A major reason behind this alarming statistic is poor treatment accessibility due to the lack of qualified healthcare providers. To help shrink this gap, Mountainside NYC will also house the Mountainside Learning Institute, an initiative to provide first-rate education to train addiction treatment providers.”

Mountainside Learning Institute’s first program will be the Recovery Coach Training program which will prepare aspiring coaches to guide those in early sobriety toward a healthy, substance-free lifestyle.  Participants will learn from active Mountainside recovery coaches who utilize case studies to teach recovery best practices. The Mountainside Learning Institute will also offer a range of continuing education workshops to support existing mental health professionals in staying at the forefront of the latest therapeutic techniques and advances in the field of addiction treatment.

For the greater New York City community, Mountainside’s New York City Recovery Hub will offer educational workshops such as “How to Use Narcan” and “Addiction as a Brain Disease” to share important knowledge on substance abuse and recovery. There will be free support groups open to everyone, including support groups specifically for family and friends impacted by a loved one’s alcoholism and drug use. Additionally, the facility will hold ongoing wellness events designed to help the community cultivate strategies for healthier, more mindful living.

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Mountainside NYC Recovery Hub 2.0 will provide a wide range of treatment options and resources for those looking to heal, learn, and connect in a safe and supportive environment.