Amid Coronavirus Worries, Mountainside Offers Virtual Support

Published on March 18, 2020
Mountainside Canaan Aerial Shot

Canaan, CT – Escalating precautions to minimize the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) are impacting everyone – from sports fans to travelers to schoolchildren. The call for social distancing from government and public health officials disrupts everyone’s daily routine but can be particularly troublesome for people in active addiction and recovery. Without access to their regular supports, including groups such as AA and NA that typically meet in person, those struggling with substance use disorders may experience heightened anxiety and loneliness – both of which may cause them to return to using alcohol or drugs to alleviate stress. In light of this, Mountainside treatment center is keeping the recovery community connected by continuing to offer its previously scheduled support groups in the form of virtual meetings.

The coronavirus pandemic’s unprecedented effect on everyday life can lead many to experience exacerbated feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. Fear of getting too physically close to others combined with event and travel cancellations, school and office closings, and broken social engagements greatly contribute to an overarching sense of disconnect from the outside world. For people in recovery, bonding with others and having an outlet to share concerns and work through them is crucial.

With this in mind, Mountainside’s Virtual Recovery Support Groups will provide additional assistance to all who have been impacted by addiction. Mountainside’s virtual meetings will offer peer-to-peer support, and each group will be facilitated by a recovery coach. These certified addiction professionals will be available to answer questions and offer coping techniques to help participants manage coronavirus-related apprehensions as well as other recovery hurdles.

“As a result of this rapidly changing public health situation and heightened news cycles, many are experiencing fear of the unknown and concerns about the nation’s inability to stop the spreading of the virus,” says Alexandra Helfer, Mountainside’s Managing Director and Clinical Director. “It’s important for people to ground their thinking by remembering what they can control: their ability to practice precautionary measures set forth by the CDC as well as the option to receive support from friends, family, and mental health professionals via phone or online. By connecting individuals with one another, we can encourage them to share practical steps for coping with additional mental burdens that may be uncharted territory for them.”

Mountainside offers assistance to the recovery community as well as friends and families of those impacted by addiction. For general information about all of our virtual support offerings, please visit