5 Ways to Strengthen Your Sobriety

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When you become sober, there is no shortage of opinions on how you can strengthen your recovery. Therapists, family, friends, sponsors – everyone has their own idea of what will work for you. Here is some of the best advice Robbie Dexheimer of Foundation House received. The solutions he discovered still hold true today, and they are refreshingly simple.

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5 Ways to Strengthen Your Sobriety:

  1. Find people who will show up for you, no matter what.
  2. Get the hole in your soul out of the hole in your head.
  3. Be yourself, relentlessly.
  4. Embrace the hard times; treasure the good.
  5. It’s not about being in a bad place, it’s about what you do next.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, Mountainside can help.
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