De-stress Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality

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Do you feel like you “can’t even” more often than you’d like to admit, because you have a lot on your plate? As a person in recovery, you know that stress management is crucial. But one-size-fits all methods aren’t always the best; sometimes, a more tailored approach can better help you deal. That’s where your Myers-Briggs personality type can come in handy. If you don’t know your personality type, have no fear: you can click here to take the quiz and then come back. But if you’re already in touch with your four-letter personality type, let’s dive into how you can best take some weight off your shoulders.

Analysts (Guided by Logic)

INTJ, The Architect

INTJ, you lead with your logic and guiding principles. You also have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. You master topics and are confident in your intelligence. When calming down for the night, you should seek casual logical stimulation. Complete a challenging puzzle or read a thought-provoking book!

INTP, The Logician

INTP, you use your deep bank of knowledge for innovation. You are a natural philosopher and work best with patterns; spotting discrepancies is second nature to you. During your “me-night,” do what you do best and use your mind. You can play a game of chess, write, or meditate.

ENTJ, The Commander

ENTJ, you possess a drive that works to actualize your goals, using your charisma and confidence to put you in a place of leadership wherever you go. You enjoy being challenged, and your strong willpower steers you to success. But it is important to partake in activities unrelated to your career; for leisure, participate in community groups or play a competitive sport.

ENTP, The Debater

ENTP, you are constantly seeking knowledge. Because you are a seasoned devil’s advocate, you naturally grasp concepts from multiple angles. You gravitate to in-depth understanding, so journaling can be a natural therapy for you. Use your notebook to explore thoughts, whether for personal problem-solving or the greater issues of the world that interest you.

Diplomats (Guided by Principles)

INFJ, The Advocate

INFJ, you are an idealist with a strong moral compass and fierce determination. Though you naturally connect with others, your quiet time is essential for your mental health; you need to remind yourself that self-care is important, because you often get tunnel vision and forget to set aside time for your passions. Unwind, listen or play music, write, or create art.

INFP, The Mediator

INFP, you are inspired by fantasy and express yourself in creative metaphors. You connect with others on a deeper level because of your knack for communication, but do so with few people due to the draining toll socialization has on you. When you begin to feel depleted, seek solace and celebrate the arts! Write, listen or create music, or paint.

ENFJ, The Protagonist

ENFP, you are at your happiest when you are improving yourself and/or working with others to make your community better. You are never afraid to stand up for what you believe in. To recharge, go to a museum, learn how to cook a gourmet dish, or write about a topic you are passionate about.

ENFP, The Campaigner

ENFP, you are a true free spirit. Your energetic, charming, and sociable characteristics make you the life of the party and most likely to connect with others. But when you’re not sparking conversation and you have a moment alone to chill out, get in touch with your creative roots and write, make art, play music, or read fiction.

Sentinels (Guided by Practicality)

ISTJ, The Logistician

ISTJ, your practicality is your virtue. You lead with facts and are inherently reliable. With that being said, you find activities that involve a challenge most stimulating. When decompressing, play a game like chess or Trivial Pursuit, or put your body to the test and try a new workout.

ISFJ, The Defender

ISFJ, your personality traits scream “balance!” Though you are emotional, you’re finely rational; and though you keep to yourself, you are a natural socializer. You often use your skills to help others. But you need to help yourself, too. Reserve space on your calendar to cook, paint, craft, garden, and walk in nature.

ESTJ, The Executive

ESTJ, you are a natural manager with a penchant for organization and values. As a leader, you strive to bring people together with an orderly style. You may find it hard to take time to relax, but there are ways you can rejuvenate yourself while still getting things done. Build items for your home, repair things that can use some sprucing up, garden, or volunteer.

ESFJ, The Consul

ESFJ, you are the definition of a social butterfly; you’re happiest when you’re organizing events that bring your peers together. At your core is your tenacity to connect with others. You may feel most revived volunteering with a local charity, because you value a deeper sense of purpose. For a more casual social activity, play a sport or cook with friends.

Explorers (Guided by Excitement)

ISTP, The Virtuoso

ISTP, you most likely find yourself gaining understanding through hands-on experience. You enjoy tinkering and are a natural in mechanics. When taking a break from life’s chaos, try adventure therapy activities such as archery, scuba diving, zip-lining, and playing sports.

ISFP, The Adventurer

ISFP, you thrive in a bustling environment, but also seek solitary moments to recharge. However, you’re not one to just sit on the couch and each chips; you prefer to look inward and assess who you are. Step back from worries and enjoy crafts, exercise, or nature.

ESTP, The Entrepreneur

ESTP, you thrive in casual, energetic settings. You make decisions in the moment and embrace adventure, always living your life on the edge. When you’re in need of blowing off steam, play a sport with friends, take a boxing class, or try zip-lining.

ESFP, The Entertainer

ESFP, the world is your stage! You love putting on a show and are known to break out into song, dance, or theatrics whenever the opportunity presents itself. To get the most out of your simmer-down session, try taking an artistic class! Whether you decide on singing lessons, Zumba, or acting class, you will come out feeling revitalized. And if taking a class isn’t an option, try playing a team sport or entertaining some friends.

Stress happens — that’s life. But by staying in touch with who you are as a person and mellowing out based on your personal needs, you’ll become a coping champion. So, say it with us, “namastay blessed, not stressed.”


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