5 Myths About Addiction

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Myth: Having a career and a family means you can’t be addicted.

Fact: Not all addicts are homeless or struggling to stay off the streets – plenty of addicts lead seemingly normal lives.

Myth: You can easily quit whenever you want.

Fact: Addiction changes how your brain functions and makes it very difficult to quit.

Myth: You don’t need to go to rehab unless you’ve hit rock bottom.

Fact: Rock bottom is different for everyone and for some, rock bottom could be too late.

Myth: Addiction is a choice.

Fact: While the initial choice to use is voluntary, addiction is a disease that alters how the brain works, making it very difficult for the individual to function without the substance.

Myth: Prescription drugs are safer than illicit drugs.

Fact: Prescription drugs are just as dangerous as illicit drugs. And many who abuse prescription pills move on to using illicit drugs.

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