5 Apps to Help You Stay Sober

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There seems to be an app for everything now, but many do not think about apps as a way to maintain sobriety. Let’s admit it: whether it is because of social media or Candy Crush, most of us are constantly attached to our phones. Why not use technology to our advantage? If we can use an app to buy groceries, check credit scores, and order cabs, why not use one as part of recovery?

While counseling and support groups are key to long-term recovery, there will be times when you may not be able to make it to a meeting. Some days you might need some extra motivation, a stress reliever, or something to cheer you up. Luckily, now there is an app for all these situations!

12 Steps AA Companion

Not a fan of meditation or yoga? Try a more traditional approach to sobriety. This app is based on the 12-Step program practiced in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Each step represents a milestone in your recovery. The app includes the Big Book AA reference guide, daily prayers, and a sobriety calculator to help you track how long you have been sober.

I Am Sober

If you are looking for a companion in your recovery journey, I Am Sober might just be what you are looking for. This app allows you to track your days of sobriety and how much money you are saving by staying sober. It also sends you inspirational quotes and helps you celebrate important milestones. But more importantly, it connects you to people going through similar experiences.

My Daily Journal

Keeping emotions bottled up is harmful for everyone, especially those in recovery. This app allows you to write down your feelings without fear of judgement. While the journal can be kept private, the app does give you the option to share your entries on social media.


Looking for happiness? Try Happify. While this app is not designed for sobriety specifically, it is a great tool to break old patterns and ignite positive change. Happify is designed to improve your mood, and because addiction is often the result of stress or depression, this app is particularly helpful for those in recovery. The app provides users with access to guided audio recordings developed to conquer negative thinking, build confidence, and de-stress.

Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Need some inspiration and positive vibes to start your day? The “Twenty-Four Hours a Day” book has been helping people get sober for over half a century, but if you don’t want to carry a book around you can try the app. It features daily meditations and the ability to search through all 366 entries. You can also share the messages with friends and family.

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