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Mountainside Drug Rehab Program

When an individual suffering with drug addiction or alcoholism reaches out for help - it is vital that help be available. All too often families and individuals arrive at this juncture only to find that help is too expensive or too complicated to sort out. Mountainside's Drug Rehab program was founded to provide innovative and comprehensive rehabilitation services at affordable rates.

Our compassionate staff is able to simplify the process of getting help - and we offer a wide range of rehab services for drug addiction and alcoholism. Our innovative addiction center and acclaimed staff allow us to provide affordable alcohol and drug rehabilitation.

Dedicated to providing innovative and affordable drug rehab services

The economic crisis has caused a great demand for affordable drug rehab programs. If you are reading this then you are interested in learning more about drug rehab and alcohol rehab programs.We are here to help - for more than 11 years Mountainside Rehab Center has been the leading alcohol and drug rehab that has helped thousands of individuals suffering with drug addiction and alcoholism. Nestled at the base of a private mountain in the serenity of the Berkshires, Mountainside provides an ideal setting for an individual to begin their drug and or alcohol rehabilitation and enter recovery.

Drug Rehab Connecticut

Affordable Drug Rehab Center

Fast forward 11 years and Mountainside Addiction Treatment Center has developed one of the leading drug rehab programs in the country, treated thousands of individuals throughout the U.S. and from around the world. Mountainside was invited to Washington by the White House to discuss with the Drug Czar, John Walters, and his staff, its effective and innovative addiction treatment methods. Mountainside’s Mind-Body-Spirit program, as it is called, has gained more traction than what was ever imagined and, in doing so, has served as the blue print for dozens of other addiction programs throughout the country and the world.

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If you or your loved one are dealing with an addition, the time for treatment is now. The time to act is now. Call Mountainside at 800-762-5433.

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