Addiction Treatment Admissions

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Admissions

Finding an appropriate addiction treatment program that meets your needs can be an overwhelming process. Our Admissions Team is available to answer any questions you many have about addiction and how Mountainside can help you begin your recovery. The highly skilled and compassionate professionals in our Admissions Team work closely with you, family members, and healthcare providers to help you transition smoothly into treatment.

Through a simple pre-screen evaluation, our Admission Team will determine if our level of care meets your needs.  We will also share with you the specifics of our complete array of services, program costs, and financing options.

Our aim is to support you in making these initial, critical decisions about addiction treatment.  We actively communicate and follow-up with you and your family to help you prepare for your stay with us. Immediately prior to your stay, our Admissions Team will provide more detailed information on items to bring, family visitation, program schedules, and transportation services.

For additional information, please click the following links:

For immediate help call 800-762-5433
Outside of the U.S. call 844-880-4104