About This Virtual Support Group

Kratom is a trending herbal substance and central nervous system stimulant that can be used to boost physical and mental energy, as well as for pain relief. With growing interest in kratom, it is crucial that we understand potential benefits, possible drawbacks, and potential risk of addiction for some individuals.

Mountainside respects that people can have a diverse array of experiences with kratom and we welcome all who wish to discuss how kratom use has affected their lives. Join us for an exploratory and nonjudgmental support group for kratom users to discuss how the substance is affecting your mental and physical health, relationships, and finances. Discussion topics include:

  • Use versus misuse
  • Legal status of kratom and procurement
  • Effects of use including long-term use
  • How kratom affects family engagement and relationships
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Education about the disease of addiction
  • Treatment options for kratom addiction
  • Withdrawal symptoms

This virtual support group/ discussion is free and open to the public. It will be lead by a professional licensed clinician from Mountainside treatment center. The group provides a space to share experiences as well as information and education about kratom consumption.

Registration is encouraged but not required to attend. To join the meeting, click the “Join the Meeting” button (at the top of this page) at the designated meeting time. So,

*To maintain the privacy and safety of our community, attending this support group for educational or research purposes is not permitted. However, you may find helpful information through our drug glossary and blog.

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