What I Learned from my Father’s Addiction

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In April of 2018, my father checked into a rehabilitation center to confront his alcoholism. In February of 2019, he battled addiction a second time. My character was put to the test when my father first came clean about his addiction. Before this, I would have considered my life “normal.” My “normal” was one that did not associate my father with an inherited disease so unimaginably hard to break free from.

The vigorous character that sobriety calls for is one I was unaware I lived with. As my father selflessly devoted time towards sobriety, he found a spark for life in rehab, signifying his will to support those around him as well as himself. Although rehab changed my father for the better, no one except an addict could begin to understand the difficulties that follow sobriety. His struggle to stay sober after rehab became evident to me.

As my father fought his psyche to divert its cravings, his indomitable will drove me to develop a character he would be proud of. My father is assiduous in avoiding a relapse which inspires me to work hard for what I believe in. It drives my relentless and conscientious work ethic. His willingness to seek help from sponsors and therapists has taught me that acquiring help to succeed takes courage and builds character. His devotion to those he has met throughout his journey, as well as his devotion towards our family, pushes me to match his ability to care and to love.

My character has developed into one that works diligently, seeks help from others, and strives to live by strong morals. An example is my unyielding diligence towards academics. Although I was studious before my father admitted he had a problem, it was only after he acknowledged his addiction that I persevered towards developing a sturdy platform for a bright future that did not inherit alcoholism.

Before, I was an independent individual who did not perceive the need to seek help regarding the challenges I faced. I was focused on heightening personal performance, but have now developed a care for the success of those around me as well. I’ve learned to strengthen my character by being open to information from those who are able to provide suggestions.

I have applied the strides my character has made into strengthening the aspects of life I care about the most: succeeding in school, being a role model on the soccer field, and building stronger relationships with those I love. By focusing on these three aspects of life, and with the support of a mature character, I am able to provide the necessary support both my father and I can learn to thrive off of.

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Maggie M.

Maggie M. is a high school student with an interest in writing. She is passionate about her academics and supporting her father throughout his journey of recovery.