Mountainside Suggests the Perfect Gifts for People in Recovery

Published on December 12, 2019
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Canaan, CT – Tis the season for shopping for friends and families. Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list can be challenging, but it is especially so if a loved one is in recovery. Common gifts, such as a bottle of wine, are unsuitable, as they can trigger unhealthy behaviors and are also impersonal. In an effort to make shopping a little bit easier this holiday season, Mountainside treatment center polled more than 100 people in all stages of recovery and asked them for the most meaningful gift they received. Below are some of their most cherished gifts.

Gifts of Positive Affirmation

Intention bracelets: These bracelets can help someone in recovery stay focused on what they want in life by providing them with a visual reminder.

Recovery jewelry: A necklace or bracelet engraved with a popular recovery message such as the Serenity Prayer is a fashionable way to mark someone’s sobriety.

Gifts for Rest and Relaxation at Home

Board games: It can sometimes be challenging for people who are new to recovery to find a fun place to socialize. Board games and puzzles provide an activity that can be shared with family and friends.

Coloring books: Coloring books have been proven to reduce stress and symptoms of anxiety and depression. One favorite is the Sobriety Garden Coloring Book, which is filled with AA sayings and slogans.

Weighted blanket: This popular gift helps reduce anxiety and stress, improve sleep quality, boost mood, and relieve symptoms of PTSD, which are common among those in recovery.

Gifts for Self-Care

Essential oils: The selection of essential oils is endless, and each oil has a different health benefit. Some favorites include lavender, peppermint, and rosemary.

Bath bombs and candles: Few things are more relaxing than a long bubble bath, and bath bombs and candles can turn a loved one’s home into a calming oasis.

Wellness gift card: Gift cards are the perfect way to help a loved one in recovery learn a new skill or try a new hobby. Ideas can include cooking classes or one-month gym memberships.

Gifts to Enhance Spirituality

Crystals: Crystals help to restore the flow and balance of energy in the body. Most crystals help promote physical and mental well-being, supply clarity, stimulate mental agility, and aid in the ability to channel your higher self.

Smudge Kit: Smudging is a Native American practice of burning dried herbs to create a smoke that floats throughout a space to eliminate negative energy. Because positivity is key for long-term sobriety, smudge kits are a great present for those in recovery.

Giving the perfect gift is never easy. Use these options for inspiration to find a memorable holiday gift for a loved one in recovery.