Electronic Cigarettes: What You Need to Know

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Electronic Cigarettes: What You Need to KnowTranscript:

E-Cigarette Key Facts

  • One Juul pod equals 200 cigarette puffs, which is the case as one pack of cigarettes.

Juul Facts

  • Juul currently makes up 70 percent of the electronic cigarette market share.
  • Between July 2017 and October 2018, the amount of young individuals between 18 and 21 years old who have tried Juul increased more than 400 percent.
  • Of teens and young adults, 56 percent report that they were younger than 18 years old when tried Juul.
  • Juul delivers nicotine upwards of 2.7 times faster than other e-cigarettes.
  • Juul e-liquid contains 5 percent nicotine by volume, which is more than double other e-cigarettes.
  • Teens who consume nicotine at an early age may suffer from loss of memory, inability to focus, increased sensitivity to other substances, and greater impulsivity.

Top Reasons for Juuling

  • 47 percent say they use Juul because their friends use them too.
  • 41 percent use Juul due to social media influence.
  • 29 percent say they Juul for the wide array of flavors.
  • 25 percent use Juul because they believe it is less harmful than other tobacco products.
  • 21 percent say they Juul to get a buzz.
  • 9 percent say they were lured by TV ads.

Where Teens Are Buying Juul

  • 74 percent of youth are reported to have purchased Juul from a store.
  • 52 percent state that they obtained Juul from a peer or a family member.
  • 6 percent claim they bought Juul from an online source.

Sources: Center of Disease Control and Prevention, United States Drug and Food Administration, Truth Initiative.

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