Your Ultimate Recovery Resource Guide

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If you’re in recovery, you know that staying connected – especially during times of stress – is critical to safeguard your sobriety. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources to help you continue to stay focused on your recovery, even if you’re stuck at home.

Remote Addiction Support Groups:

  • Refuge Recovery – online meetings, guided meditations, podcasts, and other resources
  • Smart Recovery – online meetings, 24/7 chatroom, community forums, recovery journals

Workout Videos:

Mindfulness and Wellness Apps:

  • Headspace  – guided meditation and mindfulness

Recovery Spotify Podcasts:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous – The Best AA Speakers
  • Joe and Charlie – The Big Book Comes Alive
  • Workshop: AA Beginners Class
  • Seltzer Squad – Staying Sober in the City
  • The Naked Mind Podcast
  • Recovery Rocks
  • Recovery Elevator

Recovery-Focused Movies:

Mental Health Helplines:

Domestic Violence Hotline:

Eating Disorders Resources:

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