How Giuliana P. Survived a Pandemic in Recovery

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I never thought that I would experience a pandemic like COVID-19 in my lifetime, and it has truly tested my recovery, not only mentally, but also physically and spiritually. I have worked in healthcare for most of my life and am currently a manager for a large healthcare organization. I still recall the fear in my staff, nurses, and patients when the first cases of the virus started to hit our country and, with that, the first deaths.

Necessary medical supplies dwindled and became more difficult to find as the country went into a panic. I started to worry about how I was going to keep my offices and our patients safe. “Do we have enough supplies?” “Enough masks?” “Enough gloves?”

The principles I learned in recovery became incredibly useful during this time of adversity, not only at home, but at work as well. Remembering that I am not alone is key. We all have the same fears and the same concerns: “What will happen if I get sick?” “If my family gets sick?” For me, it was “When will I get to hug my family again?”

Taking it a day at a time, sometimes even a second at a time, has been a tremendous help. Sometimes, I close my office door for a few minutes and say a prayer. Even if I shed a few tears in the process, it’s OK. As long as I put my sober network and my recovery first, I can make it through this. We all can.

– Giuliana P

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