How Recovery Inspired Campbell M. to Give Back

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On September 1st, I hit rock bottom.

I left a treatment center in Tennessee against medical advice and headed straight to the bar. My life quickly became unmanageable as I searched for drugs and drank myself to a blackout once again. A Silver Alert was issued for me in both Tennessee and Connecticut as a result of me cutting off all communication with my family three months earlier, and my mother receiving a call notifying her that I had just left my second treatment center.

The next day I flew home. This time, I not only realized that I needed help, but was also the one asking for it. Three days later, I started my journey of healing at Mountainside. I discovered inner peace through meditation and yoga, and through opposite action, I found purpose and fulfillment.

At the end of the 28-day program, I knew I needed more support and guidance, and signed up for three months at Extended Care, where I live now. One of the most valuable principles I’ve learned while in extended care is service to others. Whether it be through volunteering at a local food pantry, picking up trash in my community, or supporting a peer at E-Care, I’ve found a greater sense of fulfillment and hope in my life by giving back.

One of the greatest miracles that happened in my recovery is reconnecting with my family. While there is still a lot of work that needs to be done, my relationship with them is better than it’s ever been. As I write this on the eve of the seven month anniversary of my sobriety, I reflect on all the opportunities that I’ve had in recovery, and I’m filled with gratitude for the people who support me: my sponsor, my family, the staff at Mountainside, and my peers in this journey.

I’m proud of myself, knowing I am headed in the right direction. I hope to one day work with individuals struggling with mental health issues and show them their potential like so many have done for me.

– Campbell M

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