From Rock Bottom to Recovery: Amy D’s Journey

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My name is Amy Davis, and I am 2,849 days sober today, thanks to Mountainside.

If you were a drinker like me, alcohol was life-consuming. It also took a lot of work to manage my time to ensure I always had enough to drink. I also had the attitude that somehow, because of my life’s trauma, I was entitled to drink and act out. I ruined every relationship I ever had, and I progressed in my alcoholism to the point in which jails, institutions and death were all accomplished (I overdosed twice); I feel this is pertinent to share because if I could get sober, anyone can.

So after four failed attempts at rehab, I finally came to Mountainside. When I arrived, I had lost everything, and my family had resolved themselves to getting the call that I was dead. I had no address, one suitcase, no car, no job, no money and absolutely no hope. I called myself a ‘waste of space’. The very second I was dropped off at Mountainside, I immediately felt relief. I always say I had a candle inside of me, barely lit, with the wind trying to blow it out. I went through detox and then the 28-day program. By the time I was supposed to leave, I was begging to stay.

Since then, my life has completely changed. They helped me deal with my PTSD, and that process gave me the tools to start believing in myself. I am an active member in a 12 Step Program: I sponsor, take people through the steps, volunteer weekly and speak to large groups and families whenever possible, and it is the greatest gift.

I am currently attending the University for Criminal Justice and Behavioral Health and am studying the intersection of abuse and addiction, and will graduate in 2023. I have become certified in domestic and sexual violence advocacy. I am a Peer Recovery Coach getting ready to sit for the Connecticut Board CCB License this summer. Most recently I won a scholarship through The Glorious Recovery Foundation. In 2019, I got married and had an amazing wedding, and we hope to buy a house after my graduation. One day, I hope to work for Mountainside in a coaching capacity.

My message is always the same: I Trust God, Clean House and Help Others. If I can leave you with anything, it is to remember how valuable you are. You are not your past, nor your mistakes, and you are worth it. Out of the ashes always emerges something so beautiful, and you are worth it.

Thank you, Mountainside, for believing in me when I didn’t, and I hope my message can inspire anyone struggling.

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