Sobriety by Dalton


by Dalton

As he walked down the dock he still wasn’t totally sure how he got there. Things had just seemed to fall into place. He never believed that, when people used to say it, but here he was pursuing something he loved, and he wasn’t totally sure what had brought him here.

Sobriety had brought Dalton many answers but even more questions. He was curious if anyone ever truly found their niche in life. He didn’t have the answers, but things were going good. Life was still happening; not everything was perfect. But in that moment, standing on that dock, waiting for the boat…all was perfect.

The world was spinning in the right direction, and he found he didn’t need all the answers, or some perfect enlightening journey. He just needed to be. Be himself, be honest, and things would work out. Looking out into that slow, rolling mist over the water, life itself was calm.

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