Paws Move Like Fingernails by Raphael

Paws Move Like Fingernails

by Raphael

Growing up


Paws move like fingernails

On a desk.

Carpet-soft within my shirt,

Head down at rest.

Nothing to feel

But the presence of her lying down,

The uncapturable moment she steals.

Days pass and my best friend

Makes life fast.

For the carpet would be empty

But as an outcast,

The eyes I look at as I lay,

Stare back at me with her head rested

While I sigh.

My life is an incomplete awareness

And the heart that beats by mine

Can never be met, no matter how hard I seek.

I breathe for another day

Wondering if my life meant as much to her

As hers to mine.

The way to leave is not as straight as a line.

Somewhere I see the place I’ll be,

When I’m there I won’t know it’s me.

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