Mountainside Launches New Family Recovery Coaching Program for Loved Ones of Those in Addiction Recovery

Published on May 14, 2021
Mountainside Canaan Aerial Shot

Canaan, CT – Mountainside Treatment Center is introducing a new Family Recovery Coaching program for the loved ones of individuals struggling with substance use disorders. Knowing that addiction is a “family disease,” the rehabilitation center – with locations in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey – will provide additional services for families in both virtual and in-person formats. The new program aims to help families through their parallel process of recovery by connecting them with a certified recovery coach whose background – and often, personal experiences in sobriety – best suits family members’ needs.

“This program gives family members a chance to connect with and learn from coaches who understand the toll that substance use disorders can have on those in the inner circle of the person struggling,” says Bill Blaber, CARC, CRPA, Director of Recovery Coaching. “Family members need to recognize codependent behaviors and practice effective communication to maintain their own boundaries, and above all, prioritize their own self-care.”

In terms of family services, Mountainside currently provides weekly virtual Family Support Groups in addition to a Family Wellness program at its flagship campus. Family Recovery Coaching will complement these clinical offerings through a peer-to-peer approach in which coaches support families in real-time as they navigate daily life challenges. These mentors help families rebuild trusting, healthy relationships that may have been compromised during their relative’s active addiction.

This new program will provide loved ones with:

  • Comprehensive wellness plans that encourage self-care
  • Contact with a Connected Care network comprised of doctors, clinicians, wellness practitioners, and legal services professionals
  • Weekly meetings and daily check-in calls or text messages with a recovery coach
  • Joint family meetings to practice meaningful communication with the addicted loved one

Those interested in scheduling a consultation or learning more about Mountainside’s Family Recovery Coaching program should call 800-762-5433 or visit