Mountainside Speaks On Addiction and Opioid Crisis

Published on January 18, 2017
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Amy Sedgwick to Appear as a Guest Speaker at United Methodist Church of Westport and Weston

Westport, CT – Mountainside’s Director of Outpatient Services, Amy Sedgwick, is scheduled as a guest speaker during United Methodist Church of Westport and Weston’s Adult Education Hour on Sunday, January 22, at 11:00am. More than a lecture, Sedgwick is seeking an interactive exchange of conversation and ideas on how to foster recovery environments, maintain balance, and build a supportive community.

“Recovery begins with acknowledgement, finding personal inner strength, and through hope, pushing forward,” said Sedgwick. “Recovery is not just stopping a pattern of behavior, but more about learning healthy outlets, implementing boundaries, and being surrounded by a network that promotes health and well-being.”

Topics to be covered by Sedgwick include:

  • Examining addiction from the eyes of an addicted individual
  • How an addiction can develop
  • A look inside the average medicine cabinet
  • Signs of addiction
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • How to love an addicted person

“Recovery is about faith in that maintaining methodical change will evoke radical change,” Sedgwick said.

United Methodist Church of Westport and Weston is located at 49 Weston Road, Westport, CT.

About Amy Sedgwick

Amy holds a Master of Science in Community Counseling from Western Connecticut State University and is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor. She is also certified to treat complex cases involving co-occurring disorders and problem gambling. An experienced treatment professional, Amy is an expert at managing all aspects of client care, quality of service, and therapeutic modalities used in Mountainside’s Outpatient Services Program. She is highly skilled in creating and leading clinical teams as well. She was nominated by DHMAS, State of Connecticut’s Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, as an outstanding woman in leadership and chosen to participate in Yale School of Management’s Global Executive Leadership Program 2016. With 15 years in the field, she is passionate about supporting those struggling with addiction while helping combat the stigma associated with the disease.