The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for People in Recovery

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man and woman hugging each other by christmas tree during the holiday season

The holiday season comes with festive parties, family gatherings, and presents. For those in recovery, this time of year can be difficult as some might be feeling lonely, ashamed, or stressed out. If you’re searching for gift ideas for someone in recovery from addiction, you probably want to give them something that supports them along their journey and shows how much you love them. We asked the recovery community, from professionals to those in recovery themselves, what the perfect recovery gift would be and compiled their responses into this handy shopping guide.

1. Sensory pillow

blue sensory pillow on couch

Squash away stress and anxiety with the Bearaby “hugget” pillows made of sustainable rubber foam and soft cotton. With three different sizes to choose from, this sensory pillow acts as a stress ball and is the perfect cozy addition to any room. Squeeze it or hide your hands inside the pillow – perfect for those who are fidgety or need a quick escape from stress.

Buy the Hugget here

2. Self-care journal

self care journal

Write down your thoughts, emotions, stressful moments, accomplishments, or things you’re grateful for in this amazing journal. The Self-Care: Day & Night Reflection Journal encourages you to practice mindfulness in recovery and organize your everyday thoughts all in one place. Take a five-minute break from reality to jot down what’s on your mind and respond to the prompts on each page. In 90 days, your loved one will appreciate the collection of positive reflections right at their fingertips and hopefully, make self-care a part of their regular routine.

Buy the journal here.

3. Aromatherapy salt lamp

aromatherapy lamp

Fill your room with a warm and relaxing ambiance from this Himalayan salt lamp diffuser. Some claim that salt lamps can clean the air in your home, soothe allergies, and help you sleep. Whether these theories are true or not, this lamp is still a great addition to any space. You can also add your favorite essential oils to promote mental wellness and clarity.

Check out the salt lamp diffuser

4. Cooking class

four people participating in cooking class cutting vegetables and smiling

Do something you can experience together with your loved one. Make lasting memories at a cooking class! There are tons of options for beginner and expert chefs. For people who struggled with substance use, having a healthy diet is crucial to their recovery. Cooking your own food gives you control of what you put in your body, and it also can become a fun, therapeutic hobby. And the best part of all is you can taste your creation and take home leftovers at the end of the session.

Cooking classes in your local area.

5. Gaiam yoga mat

blue yoga mat

Slow down and relax with this durable and comfortable yoga mat that comes in over 20 different designs.   The mat is extra thick to provide the additional support your joints need during yoga or exercise routines. And no matter where you place the mat, the textured sticky non-slip surface keeps it in one place. Yoga helps those in recovery control their anxiety and depression and cope with cravings that may pop up.

Buy this yoga mat.

6. Hiker Crate

hiking kit with trail mix, healthy snacks and hiking gear

For those nature lovers and hikers, the Hiker Crate is the gift that keeps on giving… every month. Sign your loved one up for this unique subscription that delivers various items right to your front door including hiking gear/accessories, water bottles, healthy snacks, freeze-dried meals, guidebooks, and more. Hiking is a great way to connect with nature, escape from everyday stressors, and clear your mind!

Sign up for your subscription here.

7. Tea on-a-stick

tea pops next to mug filled with coffee

Tea can be the perfect drink to take on the day or to wind down at night. These tea pops are handmade from the natural extraction of fruits, herbs, plants, and tea leaves. The ingredients are then dried and crystallized into fun shapes. Dip your tea pops into cold or hot water and watch as your worries and stress melt away.

See this product here.

8. Recovery bracelet

recovery bracelet with black beads and sobriety date engraved on metal

Are you looking for a stylish and meaningful gift that not only serves as a daily reminder of your loved one’s journey but also provides inspiration? If so, consider gifting them a necklace or bracelet engraved with a recovery message. This is a great, fashionable way for them to openly celebrate their recovery, and maybe even inspire others to seek help. There are many jewelry options available, but favorites in the community include this “One Day at A Time” bracelet with a personalized sobriety date.

Find this featured bracelet here.

9. Portable projector

mint green projector

Your loved one in recovery can have the ultimate movie night from the comfort of their own home with this portable projector. All they need is a phone or laptop, a plain wall or hanging bedsheet, and maybe some popcorn. With the ability to connect wirelessly through WiFi, your loved one can sit back with ease and watch their favorite TV show or movie as if they’re in a theater.

We recommend this one.

10. Framed recovery quote

inspirational quote written over watercolor and framed

Giving a framed recovery quote is a sentimental gift that shows your loved one that you are thinking about them on a more personal level. What’s even better is that they can read their favorite quote every day for inspiration, and it will also remind them of all the amazing people they have in their lives. You have a lot of freedom with this – we shared a link to one of our top choices below.

See featured quote here

11. Adult paint by numbers

paint by numbers

Your loved one can test out their inner artist with this miniature Bob Ross painting kit. The holidays can be a stressful time and painting the easy-to-follow numbered sections can help your friend or family member wind down after a busy season. This kit also comes with a 32-page book on everything you ever wanted to know about Bob Ross.

Purchase the kit here.

12. Planting kit

adult planting kit

Whether your loved one is a beginner or seasoned gardener, a small grow-your-own herb is a fun, thoughtful gift. Gardening is popular among the recovery community because it fills up spare time with a productive activity and teaches you how to care for a living thing. And, keeping houseplants around has actually been linked to stress reduction.

Check out the herb kit here.

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