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Virtual Family Wellness Workshops

Addiction impacts the whole family, not just the individual struggling with drug or alcohol misuse. Mountainside understands that family members providing support for a loved one through difficult times may also need resources and support for themselves. We’ve created this series of virtual workshops to provide space for loved ones to learn about some of the most pivotal aspects of addiction treatment, safely ask questions, and build a support network of their very own.

All Virtual Family Wellness Workshops are free and open to the public. If you enjoy the workshop and would like to make a donation, proceeds will go to the Mountainside Scholarship Fund, which provides financial support for comprehensive alcoholism and drug addiction treatment services to individuals in need. You can attend all of the meetings listed below, or pick and choose individual topics that are most relevant to you.

Family Roles Workshop

The Family Roles workshop helps families better understand the impact of stress on the family unit and the different roles family members take on to find balance for themselves. At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to identify which roles they assume, along with the behaviors associated with those roles, when their family encounters a period of high stress.

Illness to Wellness Workshop

The Illness to Wellness workshop explains how addiction can disrupt the normal functioning of a family and create dysfunctions. Families will also learn the four types of helpful and unhelpful communication styles that influence the transition between illness and wellness.

Wellness Into Action Workshop

The Wellness Into Action workshop teaches families the importance of self-care and practical ways to cultivate holistic wellness. Participants learn different mind-and-body-oriented activities beneficial to developing resilience within themselves and stability within the family.

Healing Relationships Workshop

The Healing Relationships workshop engages families in role-playing and other exercises to teach key concepts in fostering healthy relationships, including boundaries, differentiation of self, and fair fighting rules.

Neurobiology of Addiction Workshop

The Neurobiology of Addiction workshop provides education on the basic anatomy and physiology of the brain and how the brain changes with substance misuse. Families gain a better understanding of the complex nature of addiction and the impact their loved one’s evolving mental state has on the entire family’s recovery journey.

Addiction as an Attachment Disorder Workshop

The Addiction as an Attachment Disorder workshop explains what Attachment Theory is and how humans have an inherent need for attachment. Participants learn how insecure attachments can cause an individual to seek comfort in unhealthy ways, including through substances.

Other Resources for Families

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Family Recovery Services

Mountainside is the first alcohol and drug rehabilitation center to offer comprehensive Family Services. Now, individuals with loved ones who struggle with substance misuse can participate in professional counseling and coaching programs for their own healing. Your loved one does not have to be in treatment at Mountainside for you to enroll in these programs.

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Explore All Support Groups and Events

Mountainside offers a range of virtual and in-person support groups and events for everyone — whether you are an individual or family member on your recovery journey or just looking to learn more. Check out the calendar and join us for a future event!

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