Day 6: Welcome to the Jungle!

Welcome to the Jungle!

Day 6

Regardless of what is being thrown our way, perspectives are changing, and everyone truly seems to be making new and effective choices.

Day 6

Some of the guys are having allergy problems and some have caught colds. But everyone is pulling together and making “Shift Happen” by pushing themselves because the reward is so great. One spoke of that in tonight’s closing meeting with AJ. He talked about the choice to either stay in bed because he’s sick or look at the long-term effect of pushing himself out of bed and not miss this growth opportunity to learn about the Mayan culture. He also made a choice earlier that day to NOT buy or drink Red Bull anymore, which for him is a huge change of mind. He said, “I need sleep to help me feel better, and I thought the Red Bull wouldn’t help that at all.” That was a major shift in perspective for him.

The tribe was in awe today again at the advanced culture that the Mayan and Toltec merge here in Chitz Initza. The Toltec left the dream behind in Mexico City and their homeland to journey and connect with the Mayan culture. That journey was a long pilgrimage which landed them here where we stood today. This new beginning was presented to the guys as a question about their new choices and new lives as we integrate and travel back to a familiar routine.

One described his shift in the way he is looking at certain relationships back home that push his buttons. He said, “This may seem small, like nothing, but for me it’s big.”

Another who almost didn’t come on the trip, but now sees that forces outside himself convinced him to come, realized that this trip has caused a major change in his thinking. He took many pages of notes and now wants to live these concepts back home for a new way of being.

Another said, “This was a major life change for me.” He went on to speak of his inability to walk a short while back and that he recognized, as he was ascending the pyramids of Moon and Sun, that it was another opportunity to live. He was so grateful to even be able to climb steps let alone travel, learn, and grow in this way.

Today was a mind-altering day about letting go of the old and beginning anew. Not even the heat could distract us from this monumental place and its teachings.

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