Paul M. Finds Joy Purpose of Sobriety

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Just a little piece of me:

From a very young age, I struggled with drugs and alcohol. I spent my youth and adulthood in and out of treatment centers. The emotional and physical pain I suffered from abusing both drugs and alcohol enabled me to play the victim for many years. It was only when I was hopeless, laying at my bottom, that I finally gave up and surrendered. I had very few people left in my life and was given one option while lying in a hospital bed – Mountainside.

With the help of the 12 Steps of AA, my sponsor, and my amazing network, I slowly started to love and appreciate myself. I have not looked back since, but the door is not closed. I now use that same emotional and physical pain that I went through to help others, not only in my community but in the same place that helped me realize my value and started me on this journey. Sobriety has given me a lot of gifts. I am dependable, employable, responsible, and emotional. I take risks and have faith that as long as I do my best and do not pick up drugs or alcohol, everything will be ok. Today I am proud to say I am an alcoholic and an addict in recovery. I have found a purpose in my life, and for that, I am truly grateful.

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