Marcie C. Talks Loving Sober Life

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Hi, my name is Marcie and I am a grateful, recovering alcoholic.

Honestly, I am not really sure where my journey through alcoholism began – but I know where it ended and recovery began. It was an average Tuesday evening in February 2018. Work had been super stressful and I came home and cooked dinner. Per usual, I had several glasses of wine before, during and after dinner. My husband had to leave to attend a board meeting and by the time he came home, I was drunk. Now, that was not unusual. What was unusual, was that I realized how tired I was of feeling like this and I did the unthinkable – I asked him for help. And, he found Mountainside.

By the time we were on our way to Mountainside, I had sobered up a bit and I was terrified. I tried to talk him out of leaving me there – “I’m fine. I can do this on my own. I’ll never drink again.” Fortunately for me, he wasn’t buying it and there my journey at Mountainside began.

My family at Mountainside (yes, family) is the most incredible group of individuals whose goal is to make you WELL – in body, mind and spirit. I am a rule-follower so I followed all the rules, did and said all the right things, and flew through my 31 days. But, I did not allow myself to actually engage. So, within 30 days of leaving Mountainside, I was drinking again. On June 18, 2018, I once again entered the doors of Mountainside. This time I went all in. I did all the things that were outside my comfort zone, really listened to what was being said, and soaked it all in.

Today, I am proud to be  over 3 and a half years sober, and my life is AMAZING.

In recovery, I haven’t gotten any new degrees, started a new business venture or had any amazing adventures, but I am LIVING. Living a life free of the prison that is alcoholism. I wake up every day with a renewed sense of purpose. My family and friends no longer have to worry about me – that alone is something to celebrate. I actually enjoy life. I love doing everything with my granddaughters. I love taking long walks. I love reading (and remembering what I read). And most of all, I love being able to wake up with the knowledge that I didn’t say or do anything embarrassing or hurtful the night before.

Recovery is not without its struggles though. It’s not like someone snapped their fingers and your life becomes perfect. That’s just not realistic. It’s work – EVERY SINGLE DAY. But, it is so, so much better than the alternative.

So, wherever you are in your journey – Rock On! You will never regret sobriety!

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