Luke B. Shares his Sobriety Highlights

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My name is James Lucas Booth, or Luke for short. If you are reading this, we have Mountainside in common. Mountainside was a life changer for me, and I am more than happy and proud to share some  of my sobriety highlights with you.

I have been sober for two and a half years, and during this time I have made important changes in my career path. After I left Mountainside, I went to Seacrest Recovery Center for four months. Once I had been clean for a year, they offered me a position at the center as a Tech. I was the first alumni that was offered a position there, and I was more than happy to have this job. After working with techs from both recovery programs, I saw how much they enjoyed their jobs and the difference that they could make in their clients’ lives. I always wanted to have a career where I could make a difference and be passionate about it too.

I have been working at Seacrest for over a year and now I am not only a tech, but also a fulltime clinical intern. I have recently returned to school to earn my CADC license.

My recovery journey began at Mountainside, and it also planted the seed of working in the field of recovery. I am very grateful for my experience at Mountainside and their recovery coaches that guided me to a sober life.

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